An adventurous blend of notes including Guava Honey, Tangelo (When Tangerine met Pomelo... without the diner scene - soz!), Ginger and sweet Peach leads to a heart of warm, spicy Cardamom, Starfruit, sweet Mango and the sharp tangy pairing of Cassis and Passionfruit.  The base notes of this fragrance comprise Spices, Vanilla, comforting Malt notes, creamy Tonka and Saffron.

As an aside, and don't tell anyone else, but we noted at FL HQ that this is one of those very strange fragrances that come along once in a blue moon that don't rely too much on Floral notes to some (any!) degree, so it's just a little bit "out there" really, which is appropriate seeing as the last year or two have been a little weird too!!

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CLP info 10%

CLP info 25% Augeo

* contains phthalates    

CLP info for other levels available on request (please check IFRA cert for maximum permissible levels under IFRA49) - just click here to email us with your request.

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A carnival for the senses! Fruity, citrus, not too sweet, I can see why this was a scent of the year. If you want a fruity fragrance that is completely different to anything else give it a try.

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