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What are your opening hours for the shop? - Our usual hours of opening for the shop are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday... but, well, its an ecommerce site.. so feel free to order over the weekend, your orders will be despatched as early as possible on the following Monday.

Payment Methods accepted? - We accept all major credit & debit cards as well as Paypal.

Is the price I see on your website the price that I pay? - Fragrance Liaison is VAT registered. Our VAT registration number is 463 4312 08.  The prices you see for our oils are inclusive of VAT and are the prices that you'll be asked to pay. There won't be any surprises when you get to checkout. The only additional costs incurred would be your chosen postal costs, which you will see at the checkout and can select.  Details on postage options are also available to view on our Delivery Information Page

New Quantity Options - We are able to offer 20g, 50g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg and 4kg options - subject to stock levels of course. We have chosen to opt for 4kg rather than 5kg due to the simple fact that the relative density of oils will differ from oil to oil, making it uncertain as to whether it will be possible to get 5kg of oil into a 5 Litre container. Whereas we can be certain that 4kg of oil will fit into a 5 Litre container!  We can also offer 10kg options on many of our oils as a special order and would ask you to get in touch here to let us know which oils you're interested in.. we can then advise on cost, lead time etc.

Why do you offer certain quantities of some Fragrance Oils, but when I try to order it says they're out of stock? - Simply because at that moment in time we don't have sufficient stock to fulfil orders of that size, but may be able to offer the next quantity down.  If you absolutely want a particular quantity and we don't have it, then please do get in touch and we can reassure you that a restock is on order and when we will have than new stock available - there's always an answer to a problem and believe it or not, we're here to help!

Order Confirmation? - When we have received and sighted your order you'll receive an email confirmation.  We will endeavour to service all orders received by 12 midday on the same day, but ask for your understanding at particularly busy points in time. Please do check your junk/spam folder just in case it heads there!

Order Despatched? - We'll be sending an email confirming despatch of your order by 7pm UK time on the day of despatch.  Please do check your junk/spam folder just in case it heads there!

Delivery Options? - visit our Delivery Information Page

Order not received yet? -  If your order hasn't arrived within 7 working days* from the date you placed your order please let us know by emailing here, tell us your order number and we will investigate.  Needless to say, if we are aware of any possible delays we will let you know.

(* 10 working days for non-UK orders)

New Trends Partner, tell me more? - Over the years we've been lucky enough to work with so many experts within the fragrance industry, people with an absolute passion for your world and ours. Fragrance Liaison have teamed up with a someone we trust, we like and that we know has an impeccable record in identifying emerging trends in fragrances and how they trickle down into the product categories that you're interested in.

Tell me about your fragrance oil sources? - As you know, there a number of fragrance creation houses around the world and a fair share based in the UK too.  It's a touch unfortunate, but many of them are unable to service you at the quantities YOU want. Which is why companies like Fragrance Liaison and our esteemed competitors exist.  Here at Fragrance Liaison we are so happy to have teamed up with global fragrance house partners who we’ve been associated with for many years  - which makes us very lucky AND puts you in a position of having even more fragrance oils to make your choices from. It's part of the reason that we have introduced our 20 gram 'scent shots' in order that you can easily sample our fragrance oils and decide for yourself whether you think our fragrance oils are sufficiently different and/or better...  of course we have a view on that, but it's your opinion that matters!

Why are you only selling fragrance oils? - Good question!  We're only selling fragrance oils because that is what we know! 35+ years of working within the fragrance industry and working with some of the best fragrance creation teams and trends experts leads us to believe that we have picked up a morsel or two of knowledge along the way.  Maybe in time we can become a one-stop-shop selling bases and componentry etc, but for now our expertise is within fragrances, so that is what we want to stick with, because that way we're not taking a chance... and neither are you!

There are plenty of fragrance oil suppliers, why should I buy from you? - Another good question! The fragrance creation houses in the UK and beyond are excellent, and so are our esteemed competitors who provide you with great fragrance oils. That said, we don’t see the point in just reinventing the wheel. So here at Fragrance Liaison we have partnered with fragrance houses who are not only providing us with the highest quality fragrance oils, but we have also worked with those fragrance partners to make sure that the majority of our oils aren't available elsewhere  - which makes us very lucky (again!) and gives you a touch more choice than you already have!

Why do you describe your fragrance oils in the way that you do? - Having spent over 35 years in the fragrance industry you're bound to pick up the lingo, and also the rationales and realities behind why creative Perfumers use the ingredients that they do to achieve certain aims.  Head over to our Fragrance Speak page for more info.

Discontinued oils? - Naturally you may want to access technical documentation for any of our oils that have been discontinued.  With that in mind please click here to take you to the relevant page to get the info you want.

We must unfortunately reserve the right to discontinue fragrance oils from our range from time to time.  This could be because our lovely Fragrance House partners have themselves chosen to discontinue a particular oil. Equally it could be because a particular fragrance oil has not proven to be as popular as we would have hoped.  We absolutely understand that this may not be good news for you as a customer, but would ask that you understand our position as a company that may need to purchase for example 25kg of a fragrance oil to service the needs of one customer that may wish to purchase 200 grams once a year.

X Type Fragrance Oils - what are they all about? - Designed specifically to be used at up to just one tenth of the concentration that you would normally use.  So effectively you could need just 20 grams of an X type fragrance oil to give you the same production capacity as you would from 200 grams of a standard oil, and in terms of fragrance oil dosage you'll see that levels as low as 1% can give you the same great performance as 10% would normally provide.

We appreciate this may sound a touch fanciful, but it is true! We will slowly introduce X type fragrances over time once we are satisfied with the performance of the fragrance through our own trialling, but of course we always recommend that you test and trial in your own product formats to achieve the level of fragrance performance that you want... just as you would with a standard fragrance oil.

You'll notice that the price points for X type fragrance oils are comparable with standard fragrance oils, so you're not paying over the odds. In many cases you'll see that X type fragrance oils can work out to be more economic, as well as being easier for the postal services to deal with, less stress in your stock cupboards and very importantly playing a big role in overcoming the changes imposed by IFRA recently in reducing the allowable levels of many fragrance oils when used in reed diffusers!

Do I have to use your fragrance names for my own products? - Absolutely not!... You're more than welcome to use our names if you wish, however it's quite likely that you will have your own opinion on a name that reflects closely on the fragrance AND your own brand, so go for it! All we would advise is to keep up to date records of which of your names relates to our fragrance oils to avoid confusion down the line.

Technical Documentation? - You will find downloadable SDS sheets, Allergen listings and IFRA statements on each of the individual product pages, as well as CLP info at 10% inclusion for your guidance when considering CLP labels. All documents are free to download and will be updated as and when the need arises depending upon regulatory changes within the industry.

We also provide info on natural and botanical extract within each fragrance oil for your interest and of course for your own marketing needs!

Testing in your own base formats? - All of our fragrance oils are created and chosen for their quality and performance in wax, soap and cosmetic formats however we do recommend that you carry out testing in your own preferred formulations and packaging.

Fragrance oils for Lip Balms and Flavour applications? - Generally Fragrance Liaison do not supply fragrance oils that are suitable for these applications.  Where a particular fragrance oil is suitable for any or all of these applications there will be a statement confirming this on the individual product page.

Mintlactone? - IFRA have prohibited the use of this raw material within their 50th amendment. We can confirm that no fragrance oil made available through Fragrance Liaison Ltd in the past, currently or indeed in the future will contain Mintlactone.  Please click here for more info.

Vegan Friendly? - Our fragrance oils are not tested on animals and they do not contain any animal derived ingredients.  They are vegan friendly and comply with guidelines outlined by The Vegan Society.  Even our "Beeswax" fragrance oil doesn't exploit Bees in any way!

Cruelty Free? - Our fragrance oils are cruelty free from Fragrance Liaison downstream through to our suppliers and their own raw material suppliers.  Every effort is made to ensure that all components, practises and policies of all parties involved meet the highest cruelty free expectations.

Parabens & Silicones? - We're happy to confirm that none of our Fragrance oils contain either Parabens or Silicones.

Phthalates? - The vast majority of our fragrance oils are phthalate free.  Where a fragrance oil DOES contain phthalates we will indicate this on the individual F.O. page directly underneath the links for the downloadable technical documents.  Further information on phthalate content is available on individual SDS.

Allergen Free Fragrance oils? - It is of course possible to provide fragrances often referred to as "Allergen free" as the fragrance oils can be designed to not include listed allergens, or instead will only contain listed allergens that will require declaration when the fragrance oil is used above a certain level within your product.  The downloadable allergen listing for each product will provide the information you will need. Please take into account that on occasion allergen free fragrance oils will sometimes require a greater inclusion level within your product or alternatively you may need to tweak your formulation a little!  

Storage of Fragrance Oils? - In order to maximise the shelf life of your fragrance oils store them in cool areas away from direct sunlight, preferably 20 Celsius or below and in the dark, these conditions help to prolong the shelf life of your fragrance oils (ideally a fridge would be good, but not always practical!). When putting the cap/stopper back onto a fragrance container please do ensure that the cap is firmly in place and as airtight as possible to avoid oxidation (and smelly clothes!).  We recommend bringing all fragrance oils up to ambient room temperature prior to production.

Why do you supply in Grams and not Millilitres? - Simply because fragrance oil will expand in volume depending upon the temperature within its close environment. So a beaker with 200g of fragrance oil taken from 20 Celsius (room temperature) to a warmer environment will expand and it will look as if there is more fragrance oil in the beaker, but there isn't! The good news is that whatever the temperature of the room, the weight of fragrance oil in that beaker will always be 200g. so for Fragrance Liaison we choose to measure and supply in grams to ensure that you get what you ask for!

My Personal Information? - Please see our Privacy Policy to understand how we use your personal details.

Can I return and refund my items? - Please see our Returns & Refunds procedure.

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