Go Bananas!

Go Bananas!

Go Bananas!

An X-Type Oil   -   Now, we know that the smell of Banana can be a love/hate thing... just like Marmite, or Radiohead, even Michael Bublé (ok, that's stretching it a little, sorry!) but we couldn't resist this one, just smelling this and we're back in the sweet shop wondering how much we could get for 10 pence (yes kids, it could be done!).

The simplest of fragrances, Banana Fruit at the top with the slightest of floral notes in the heart with creamy Vanilla in the base.  The only simpler way to describe it is to say "foam bananas in the sweet shop!" It's just fun, it's just yummy and we're just kids again!

If Go Bananas isn't quite your thing, check out our Banana Palm Leaf fragrance oil for something a little less sweet and more about the freshness of Banana and green leaves, it's right here - Banana Palm Leaf

Go Bananas! is one of our X type fragrance oils - designed specifically to be used at up to just one tenth of the concentration that you would normally use depending on your product and base format.  So effectively you could need just 20 grams of Go Bananas! to give you the same production capacity as you would from 200 grams of a standard fragrance oil, and in terms of fragrance oil dosage you'll see that levels as low as 1% can give you the same great performance as 10% would normally provide.

5g can equate to 50g, 10g can equate to 100g, 20g can equate to 200g and 50g can equate to 500g. 5g and 10g amounts are supplied in amber glass bottles with "dropper" caps to enable dosing one drop at a time.

We appreciate this may sound a touch fanciful, but it is true! We will slowly introduce X type fragrances over time once we are satisfied with the performance of the fragrance through our own trialling, but of course we always recommend that you test and trial in your own product formats to achieve the level of fragrance performance that you want... just as you would with a standard fragrance oil.

You'll notice that the price points for X type fragrance oils are comparable with standard fragrance oils, so you're not paying over the odds. In many cases you'll see that X type fragrance oils can work out to be more economic, as well as being easier for the postal services to deal with, less stress in your stock cupboards and very importantly playing a big role in overcoming the changes imposed by IFRA recently in reducing the allowable levels of many fragrance oils when used in reed diffusers!

Document links:

SDS, Allergens, IFRA


CLP info 2% Wax (equiv to 20% standard oil dosage)

CLP info 2.5% Augeo (equiv to 25% standard oil dosage)

* phthalate free

CLP info for other levels available on request (please check IFRA cert for maximum permissible levels under IFRA50) - just click here to email us with your request.


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