Welcome to Fragrance Liaison!

Fragrance Liaison is the new kid on the block, joining a wonderful group of companies supplying fragrance oils for your product needs. Whether you're looking for fragrances to use within home fragrance products such as candles, melts, diffusers or room sprays or other products such as soaps and bath/body products we will be bringing you a choice of fragrances to help take your own products to the next level!

We're fortunate enough here at Fragrance Liaison to have over 35 years experience within the fragrance industry, and a journey that started of as a 2 week temporary position for pocket money all the way back in 1983 has turned into a lifetime passion that burns to this day.  Please do take a look at our fragrance collections which have been designed to focus on fragrance areas that are known to be the most popular for home, soap and bath/body products. We will also be offering classic fragrance directions that simply refuse to be ignored as well as seasonal selections and next trend fragrances to help you as you think ahead to your own changing and evolving product ranges.

Our aim will always be to keep our collections fresh, so please do pop back on a regular basis to view our collections and feel free to follow Fragrance Liaison on social media to keep up with all the gossip and news!

As you may have gathered, we are also a fragrance product consultancy that exists to help take you, your business and your brand from your initial concept through to product launch and beyond.

We would love to tell you that developing fragranced products is as easy as 1, 2, 3... however, in the 21st century there are so many factors that need to be taken into account, so many in fact that your product development process could feel like a game of Snakes & Ladders at times!

The good news is that with Snakes & Ladders you always win in the end even if you do encounter a lot of proverbial snakes along the way, so don't give up! With Fragrance Liaison working alongside you, we can help you by using our many years of experience to help you avoid those time consuming and costly Snakes and instead to find those Ladders to help you reach your goal.

Our passion for fragrance, our knowledge of the product development process and our desire to help you are quite simply why we're here.

Please feel free to visit this blog page from time to time to read about new launches, trends, technical news and anecdotal stories from this wonderful world of fragrance. Please feel free to get in touch here with your ideas on what you would like to read about when you visit... we're all ears!

Fragrance Liaison LimitedEditor