Introducing The Comfort Zone Collection

So, we're living in the strangest of times!  Life was chaotic enough without 2020 knocking on the door wasn't it!

More now than ever we need a place where we can feel safe and secure, a place of sanctuary.  It could be your lounge, your bedroom, or simply a corner of your house where you can aim to be relaxed of body and of mind, and that's the part we call Self-Care.

Also to consider are our Connections; healthy, emotional connections with people, places and objects to help create a general sense of wellbeing, to aid in happiness and to help to relax and ground us.

As we all know (because that's why you're reading this!) Home Fragrances not only smell great, but they can help to set an ambience to aid in the above, particularly in the wonderful fragrance they provide to your sanctuary.

Here at Fragrance Liaison we are pleased to be able to present to you The Comfort Zone, a collection of 6 exclusive fragrances designed to reflect states of mind for the ultimate self-care scents.  Each fragrance is a blend of ingredients that will inspire a sense of reconnection and wellbeing.

Welcome to The Comfort Zone!

More details including fragrance descriptions, free-to-download technical documents and natural content as well as pricing details are available through, with the complete collection in 20gr scent shot formats available as a sample set via

Enjoy, and relax... after all, you're only sitting on a piece of rock spinning around a star at 67,000 mph !!

Steve BurrellEditor