The Cakery!

The Cakery!

We know, it's a terrible pun! 

That said, The Cakery pretty much sums up this collection of 6 of the sweetest and delicious of our Gourmand fragrance oils, brought together here as a handy collection of 6 oils in 20g Scent Shot formats for you to try.

Naturally each fragrance is available in it's own right on it's own page, but here you're a click or two away from having a bite sized (groan!) sample of each fragrance oil!

CINNAMON SUGAR - Freshly baked, with buttery pastry, a delicious partnership of Cinnamon, Caramel and Vanilla.  Top notes of Caramel and Cinnamon lead to Maple, Nutmeg and Rum notes before settling to a base of Chocolate, Tonka and Vanilla!  (click here for technical docs)

CARROT CAKE - Simply delicious! Our recipe includes Lemon, Sugar, Almond and Apple, whizzed together with Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg and Heliotrope... layered with Creamy Vanilla, Tonka and sweet Caramel. (click here for technical docs)

CHERRY PIE - A perfectly sweet mix of vibrant red cherry, smooth gourmand cake notes and strong Almond essence, sugar, a dash of Vanilla and Cinnamon make for this perfectly rounded slice of heaven!  (click here for technical docs). * contains phthalates.

LEMON COCONUT - Creamy Coconut partners so well with, and is enriched by bright, zesty Lemon. A Floral, Oriental heart with a Vanilla base is completes this delicious fragrance! . (click here for technical docs). * contains phthalates.

RED VELVET - A rich, dark chocolate inspired fragrance is accompanied by slight fruit notes, complete with a velvety floral Tuberose twist and a sweet Vanilla Base. (click here for technical docs). * contains phthalates.

VANILLA COCONUT -A soothing, sweet blend of Milky Vanilla, Cherry and Almond... more Vanilla, Coconut and biscuit notes lead to EVEN MORE Vanilla, Cocoa Bean and the strength of Oakwood notes.… sounds simple, yet it's delicious! (click here for technical docs)

BAKED APPLE SPICE - Freshly cut Apple, cooked in Brown Sugar with Cinnamon, Nutmeg and a hint of Almond with a creamy Vanilla finish! Autumn and Winter... or just because you can!  (click here for technical docs). * contains phthalates.

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