Mintlactone - Raw Material Legislation Change

Hi everyone!
Just a quickie, we've had a question in regarding a fragrance raw material called Mintlactone which has recently been prohibited for use by IFRA... and within the industry if IFRA say jump, you ask how high!
The simple question put to us was whether any of our oils contain Mintlactone? - and the simple answer is that they don't and they won't! We've uploaded the attached statement to that effect which you're free to download or simply refer back to should the need arise.
Mintlactone isn't a commonly used raw material within fragrances, but it is used, and has now been prohibited for use by IFRA - so better be safe than sorry.
In essence, anyone supplying you with FO's should ensure that any oils they've introduced into their range and that you've purchased on or after the 30th August 2021 should NOT contain Mintlactone.
Whilst any oils containing Mintlactone available within their range and that you purchased before the 30th August 2021 should be modified* to remove and/or replace Mintlactone by 30th July 2022.
(*) You will find that good fragrance houses will have started working to remove and replace Mintlactone from all of their existing fragrance oils the minute that they got the news from IFRA!
So the attached file - click HERE to view - confirms that no oils available through Fragrance Liaison have ever or will ever contain Mintlactone. I would suggest that IF you have any concerns a quick check with the FO suppliers you use should put your mind at rest in much the same way.

Steve BurrellEditor