A Christmas Bundle!

A Christmas Bundle!

We'd like to offer you "A Christmas Bundle" comprising five of our lovely fragrance oils in 20g Scent Shots for you to try!

We have a number of popular Autumn, Winter and Christmas fragrance oils here at Fragrance Liaison, so we've grouped together a selection of five of them for you to buy as a bundle without parting with too many pennies!  Naturally these oils are available in their own right on their own pages, but we thought you might like the chance to grab them as a collection!

...oh, and don't forget to take a look at our other Christmas fragrance oils too, everything from classic Christmas smells through to the latest trends for 2021! - here.

CANDY CANE - Spearmint, Peppermint Cream and Lime along with a slight floral heart and a sweet Vanilla base. Combined together for a true Christmas classic, not to be ignored! (click here for technical docs) * contains phthalates.

FIG & PLUM - A complex and sophisticated fragrance; Fig, Plum, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin and Apple notes move to Rosemary, Orange Blossom  Mimosa and Rose. Settling to a base of Amber, Musk, Sandal and Cedar.

Cosy and warm, an all year round fragrance but especially at home during the Autumn & Winter. (click here for technical docs)

PEPPERMINT BARK - A cool and crunchy Mint treat is taken in a new direction alongside rich, dark, festive Chocolate. A touch of Rose at the heart with a sweet Vanilla and Woody base finishing this delicious treat! (click here for technical docs) * contains phthalates.

WINTER CLEMENTINE - A sparkling medley of luscious ripe Clementine, Lemon and Cassis with an Orange Blossom heart and a sweet sugar base accord.  Ideal for Autumn & Winter, warm, sweet and cocooning! (click here for technical docs)

GINGERBREAD SPICE - Gingerbread Spice - Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Nutmeg and of course the star of the show... Ginger! With a sweet base of Maple, Musk, Tonka and Vanilla notes. Straight from your oven or the Bakery. Gourmand and delicious! (click here for technical docs)

These lovely fragrance oils will be tucked up together and sent to you to try out at your leisure and of course, all technical documents for the fragrance oils included within the bundle are available for free download at their individual product pages.

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